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The simplicity of cloud meets the performance of a dedicated system with DGX-as-a-Service. Our partners manage the infrastructure, ensuring availability and security, so your data science teams can get started on AI today. 

Get started faster with DGX-as-a-Service from Core Scientific.

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Core Scientific’s cloud has enhanced how we utilize data and allowed us to analyze billions of rows of data per day. We’ve seen an 8X increase in speed, enabling us to train an entirely new set of winning AI business models.

— Rami Safadi, Chief Data Officer at Jam City

No data center? No problem. With the NVIDIA DGX-Ready Data Center program, customers get access to world-class data center services through a qualified network of NVIDIA colocation partners. Accelerate time to insight while saving on capital expenditures and keeping operational costs low.

As a DGX-Ready Data Center program partner, we’re able to offer customers our world-class, state-of-the-art facility to run their most important AI workloads. With this program, customers can operationalize AI infrastructure swiftly and enjoy a jumpstart on their business transformation.

— Hisaya Nakagawa, Director at Fujitsu

With our special leasing program for NVIDIA DGX systems, get flexibility to access the latest technology while saving IT CapEx and improving cash flow. Scale-up capacity with minimal change to monthly payments, and take advantage of bundled solutions that streamline payment management.

Save money and innovate faster from Arrow Capital Solutions.

Find partners who are certified to sell NVIDIA DGX systems and are committed to accelerating your success in AI. Learn about financial solutions that give you the flexibility to access the latest DGX technology while saving operating expenses.
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